Licensing Options

LicenseTarget PC/ServerOperation Mode
Desk-top1 fixed PC Runs on the specific PC, and cannot port the license to other machines
Floating1 non-fixed PCRuns on a PC / server with a dongle attached to a USB port, can be ported to any other machine but only 1 user can access the software
Network2~99 PCs / serversWith a dongle in a USB port of an software-installed server, multiple users can access the software by LAN. Dongle can be ported to another machine.

New Licensing

New licensing is no longer available. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to existing users of DEA SolverPRO™ for their enduring interest and support for many years.  


Installing the software implies that you have agreed the license agreement, which can be downloaded by clicking download the DEA SolverPRO™ license agreement. Please note that downloading is for existing customers only.


Technical Support is by email only; No Telephone calls, No emergency requests

Due to complexity of technical support issues by many versions of Windows and Excel in different countries, technical problems may not be solved promptly as some customers may wish. As such, it is recommended that potential customers may place an order well in advance before any crisis may take place, such as deadlines of research papers and presentations etc., which we can not help obviously. While we try our best to resolve technical issues as soon as possible, there is no guarantee for timely resolution and the support, including installation problems. We very much appreciate such understanding when you place an order.

If you have a technical problem while installing the software, send us a screen capture of any error messages. If an error occurs while you are running the program, send us the screen capture of the error message and your data (without any confidential information).

Caveats for Registration key and Technical Support

Note that requesting for registration key or technical support is processed only by email. Always include your name, organization, the date you purchased the license and the version number in your correspondence. Also include the name of the person who actually purchased the program before, if it is not yourself. Please be aware that it may take more than a day to resolve any installation issues including Excel setup. Although we try to process the customer requests as quickly as possible, we can not guarantee any turn-around time for issuing a registration key or for answering technical questions.

For network and floating licenses, there is no registration key or password, but a licensed dongle is used at a USB port.

Relicensing Software because of OS Changes and Hardware Crashes

For a hard disk crash or Windows OS upgrade after installation, you may need a new registration key. In such a case, send us a letter requesting a new registration key with original license information, including the date, version number, user name and organization, signed by an official person other than the licensee. We will issue a free registration key once per user upon receiving such a letter. This service is only available for downloadable versions as listed above, i.e. your version is too old, we will not render such service.

If you would like to get the newest version at the same time, there will be a version-up cost as indicated in Pricing above.

Time Limit for Issuing a Registration Key

Each licensee must request a registration key within 60 days from the purchase date. Requests for a registration key after the 60-day period may not be fulfilled.


Only existing users can download here (i.e. no new customers).