Established in March 1993, SAITECH initially marketed AT&T Mathematical Program Language (AMPL) and AT&T Advanced Mathematical Programming System (KMPS), which took advantage of the new interior-point algorithm invented at Bell Laboratories during the 1980's.  In 1994, SAITECH announced its own optimizer, Smart Optimizer (SOPT), to address even wider industry needs.

In 1995, SAITECH launched a SOPT-based decision support system, STARS, for vehicle routing and scheduling.  Shortly after the announcement, STARS was implemented at a few companies including a major petroleum company and a chemical company.  In total, STARS schedules a few thousand trucks at dozens of sites every day.  In 1997, STARS was ported to the PC-Windows environment. 

In the meantime, a new facility location system, SFLO, was announced in 1997. This product was originally developed for a major tire manufacturer in North America, and was ported to the Windows environment shortly.

In 2000, a carrier selection and bid management system, SBIDS, was announced.  Since then, SBIDS has saved substantial transportation costs for major corporations by reassigning lanes to carriers. In 2003, a network inventory optimization system, SINV, was announced.   SINV is a new inventory management system in a supply chain network, where inventory levels at multiple facilities need to be optimized simultaneously.

In 2005, a special version of STARS was announced for comprehensive vehicle routing and scheduling in hub & spoke networks. It has been applied to a major express package carrier in Japan. In late 2008, a cloud service WebSTARS began based on the vehicle routing and scheduling system, STARS. Using WebSTARS, customers can reduce the distribution costs substantially without incurring high costs for the hardware system installation and maintenance. In 2009, a new cloud application MFLO was announced for production scheduling, distribution and inventory management. MFLO has been used to identify potential savings at manufacturing companies.

Besides the software product sales, SAITECH has engaged in numerous private consulting projects over twenty five years with such companies as Nihon Oil, Nissan, Denso, Health Product Research, WR Grace, NEC and Fujitsu.