SAITECH, inc. markets decision support systems and optimization tools to solve complex decision problems. Developed by experts in applying mathematical methods to solve complex business problems, SAITECH's software efficiently optimizes resource allocation. In particular, by taking advantage of most recent technology in operations research and computer science, SAITECH's systems find practical solutions for most difficult decision problems and realize substantial cost savings. SAITECH's clients include large corporations in manufacturing, distribution, supply chain and logistics, transportation, and energy management worldwide.

Product Highlights

SFLO (Smart Facility Location Optimizer) is an innovative tool to help design and optimize supply chains. It optimizes transportation, inventories, and facility locations by minimizing the total logistics costs, including carrier costs, facility fixed and variable costs. It is especially useful to analyze logistics cases such as location of new facility, network consolidation, carrier selection and introduction of new products and services. For more specifics, go to SFLO.

STARS (Smart Truck Assignment and Routing System) is a comprehensive vehicle routing and scheduling system. It has been applied to diverse distribution of products including petroleum, automobile parts, food and beverages, construction materials and express packages. In particular, it solved large-scale vehicle routing and scheduling problems to save multi-million dollars each year. For more information, go to STARS.

DEA SolverPro™ (Data Envelopment Analysis Solver Professional) compares and ranks various entities or DMU (Decision Making Units) in the most fair way. It is one of the most popular tools for DEA methodology, and used by thousands researchers and analysts worldwide. For outline of features, newsletters, pricing and support info, go to DEA SolverPro™.